Whatever the subject, we offer your child the best English-language tutoring available in France

We will inspire your child

to speak fluent English

Speaking English is taught using visual, audio aids, books, songs, speaking, listening, games, drama in a structured and proven method, making it fun and relating to everyday activities. We aim to give your child a sense of achievement that comes when he/she starts to communicate successfully.

to read and write in English

It is a well-established fact that reading and writing skills in English are more rapidly assimilated when taught creatively, in a subject matter of interest to each individual child. Beginning with phonics and simple word recognition, using the world-acclaimed Montessori method , the student builds up to creating simple sentences in a step-by-step non-threatening approach. This in no manner lessens the emphasis on correct use of grammar and spelling, as your child develops or sharpens comprehension skills, both oral and written, through poetry learning and composition and a variety of creative writing projects – including fiction, instructional, reporting and book reviews… Not only is writing mastered without a frown: your child will both explore his/her own imagination and the very best of English literature for children – and most probably develop a love for it!

to fulfil their potential in all subjects

If your child is struggling – or simply needs fine-tuning – in English, Maths, Reasoning (problem-solving, both verbal and non-verbal), Science, History, Geography, Art, etc., the tutor will support him/her within the framework established by the classroom teacher and academic requirements and ensure progress is made each day.

to succeed at examinations for entry into top UK schools

Examination revision and preparation including for 7+, 8+ ,11+ and 13+, 16+, the BAC, IB, GCSE’s, IGCSE’s and A’levels: If you are thinking of sending your child to school in the UK, after having been in the French system for a while, and want preparation for top London day school examinations, the tutor will focus on providing the knowledge, the self-confidence and the stress-free mental readiness necessary to succeed. Specific help is given in English, Maths, Science, Reasoning and interview techniques.

to transit from “Primaire” to “Collège” in top French schools and from “College” to “Lycée”

The Phillimore approach is equally ideal for native French or bilingual children within the French academic system who want to improve their spoken and written English for entrance into highly academic and/or high-standard bilingual French schools.

to master effective study skills

The tutor will help your child to form a framework for successful learning – a process that combines creative action and learning in a new, exciting way. Tutors provide assistance with homework and extra consolidation of subjects and topics being taught at school.