‘Traditional, contemporary or both?’, you decide

What’s best for your child?

Traditional classroom techniques

All Phillimore tutors are fully qualified to teach all core curriculum subjects.

Multi sensory teaching

A practical, hands on creative approach to learning is used, with each child treated as an individual and directed to his/her preferred method of learning be it visual, oral or kinesthetic.

Cultural outings (age appropriate)

Outings to museums, galleries and famous local landmarks are part of the learning process. Not only for habitants of Paris but also for foreigners visiting Paris that would like some age appropriate activities, outings to broaden your children’s education and interest in the world about them.

Creative projects

How often have you complained that the school education system is not creative in its approach.  Our tutors approach education in a way that includes creativity whether it is practical or in creative writing.

‘Total immersion/ live-in tutoring’

English as a foreign language is taught creatively using high-end stimulating media programs if required alongside more usual creativity-powered methods including literature, art, drama, cooking… as well as traditional classroom teaching methods in comprehension, listening, phonetics, speaking, writing and grammar.

Tailored courses for the specially gifted

How many times has your child come home from school bored by the lack of challenge and being intellectually stimulated? With large classes in mainstream education it is inevitable and we build a specific programme designed to reignite the enthusiasm and sense of wonder in learning in even the most promising minds.

Individual ongoing assessment for each child

Assessment at each stage is conducted for certainty of comprehension. The children are continually working at their own pace, and individual lessons as well as evaluations are planned according to the work undertaken in accordance with standardised educational guidelines.

Advice on SEN

Special Educational Needs: If you feel your child has a potential learning difficulty of any sort, recommendations for the best course of action to take including advice on testing.