I believe Ms. Phillimore to be an ideal tutor, having taken a young French speaking shy 5 year old boy whose previous experience of school was in a relaxed laisez-faire French system, where children sleep every afternoon at school, into a successful, confident 8 year old boy who plays rugby, football, cricket, tennis and chess for the school and who has performed well in all aspects of school life.
By Tony Matharu

Harriet tutored my son very successfully. She combined discipline and sweetness, making it fun for him. She also tutored a foreign friend of his, who needed to improve his English, and had the same results. She was exceedingly well respected at Eaton House School in London, where she taught for a few years.
By Karina Robinson

This is to inform you that Miss Harriet Phillimore has taught my son in Year 1 while she was working in Eaton House. Miss Phillimore is a pleasure to work with for both a parent and a child. She is both very professional and very caring in her approach to children. I would highly recommend her to anybody who wishes to have private tutorials.
By May Zaku

Harriet tutored my three children (4, 6, 8 years old) very successfully during 2 month in summer. She combined discipline and sweetness, making it fun for them. She organized lessons for each of them every day and also spent time during all day. She improved our (parents) English level too.
By Nadezhda Naumova.